What is a toolmaker?

Tool makers  are a class of machinists in the manufacturing industry who make jigs, dies, moulds, machine tools, cutting tools and most other tool use in the manufacturing process that can't be bought over a counter.

                  What are moulds?

Moulds are a type of tool that is used to manufacture, in this case, plastic components. They are custom made from scratch and are vey labour intensive. However, this gives you a product that is exactly the way you wanted it to be and to serve a need the way you want it to be served.

                  Who makes your moulds?

We at Plasti-Part have our own in-house tool room that handles all maintenance, manufacturing and design of our moulds. All of our designing and mould manufacturing is done in-house by trained professionals and given all the time and detail that they deserve.

All of what we produce mould wise is made from high grade tool steel capable of producing reliable and cosmetically appealing products for decades if it were to run nonstop. We guarantee international quality moulds when you buy from Plasti-Part.

                  What about taking care of the moulds?

 Because no mould is indestructible it does happen from time to time that it will need attention. Our in-house team will see that the necessary work is done quickly and professionally so that downtime is kept to only a few hours. Once your order is ran we will store it in our mould room, treated with anti rust, until it is called upon again.

                What are the costs in making a single mould?

That like asking what does a car cost. A Citi golf will be much cheaper than a Rolls Royce . To put it into perspective a mould can cost anywhere from R40 000 up depending on what the need is.